Dolly Pitcher is “That Loan Signing Lady.” Though she is well rounded in this industry, having experience as both a Real Estate Agent and Loan Officer, she loves her original niche as a Notary Signing Agent (NSA).

Dolly came out of the hospitality industry over a dozen years ago to find her place as an NSA and brought with her a love of meeting people and sharing moments. Whether it be a purchase or a refinance, Dolly sincerely enjoys coming to your home, meeting your family and yes, even your pets!
Unless they pose a danger, there is no need to lock your dogs away when she knocks because, with a smile on her face, she will warmly acknowledge them as her “greeting committee”.
Dolly is especially passionate about the future and loves when there are children in your home who are attentive to her role during the signing experience. She refers to them as the “Jr. Notaries” of the future and encourages the cultivation of their interest.
Dolly believes everyone should aspire to own their own home and/or to invest in real estate. Her love for this industry and her desire to share moments make her the perfect agent for your loan signing. That Loan Signing Lady Facebook