Time for that annual physical and the lab work that goes with it. We all know the routine, 12 hour fast, you pee in a cup, they suck your blood and send you home with a poop kit. 🙂 Life is good!

It was 7am, no coffee and no make-up. I signed in at the front desk, sat down, and right there in the lab waiting area without much thought to what was going on around me, I proceeded to apply my natural beauty as I listened to the news droning on from the TV above my head.

Transitioning from foundation to powder I took a quick glance around the room. Everyone was staring at the TV above my head, except for one person who was smiling at me. Somewhat startled, I smiled back.  Hmmm… His face looks familiar I thought to myself as I continued with my artistic facial ritual.

Between the blush and the eyeshadow, I looked up again and he looked right back and said, “I know you.” After a little fact finding, we figured it out. I had met him, his wife and their two little dogs last December at his parents’ house to sign loan documents for the home they are now living in.

He said he remembered me because I was quick. I wasn’t quite sure if that was a compliment, so I probed. “But, I was nice, right?” I questioned.

He explained that I was very nice, but they had already signed so many papers, they just wanted to get the loan documents signed. He assured me that I had accommodated them perfectly. I was appeased with the answer and happy to know that I had left a positive signing impression; I love my Job!