It was one of those ‘how soon can you get to the office this morning’ type of signings. I am proud to say, I arrived before the signer. He entered the conference room tall, friendly, carrying a cup of coffee and making his presence known. According to his ID, he was 70ish years old. Through the course of the signing he let me know he was a widower and quite available, well… sort of.

He had been married forty five years, a period of time in which he referred to as his celibate years, when his wife died. After her death, he never thought there would be another woman for him. But now, he’s realized there’s a whole new world awaiting him.

During our hour together, I found out much. He was selling the house he and his wife had together and was getting his own place, a bachelor pad crossed my mind as he spoke. He told me about his girlfriend or as it turns out… girlfriends. He shared his ‘pick up’ techniques with me, complimented his escrow officer on her beautiful hair and asked me if I was married. I pointed to my ring finger, apologizing and joking that I was a member of the celibacy group of his past.

He then showed a brief sign of seriousness when he stated, “My urologist warned me to be careful because STDs are on the rise in retirement homes.”

“Wow… really?”  my baffled response tumbled out. I somehow could not believe what I was hearing.

But he assured me it is what he had been told as he trailed on about his upcoming quite adventurous vacation plans. A trip his main squeeze had somehow managed to finagle her spot in.

As the signing ended and I walked with him to the reception area he asked, “May I ask you a personal question?”

“Sure.” I shrugged.

“How tall are you?” he asked

“Five ten” I replied.

“I like it!” he stated as he smiled, winked and headed out the door anxious to face all the adventures life has awaiting him.

“Whew, it’s a jungle out there,” I thought, as turned and headed back to the conference room.