I am a commissioned notary for the state of California. I am also a Notary Signing Agent (NSA), which means I specialize in signing and notarizing loan documents. Being specialized always comes with extra demands. For an NSA, this means, in addition to our 4 yr State required schooling, testing, background checks and commision renewal we also have industry standards that must be met to make sure your information is safe and secure, these standards include up to $1,000,000 in E&O insurance along with annual testing and FBI background screenings.

In conjunction with these mandated requirements are etiquette suggestions, one of which is to send your picture ahead and have your ID ready when you arrive so the signer is comfortable opening their home to you.

I try to text a link to my website before I go to each signing and when I do it generally displays a still shot from one of my videos that looks like this:

Upon receiving, most signers text back some form of a ‘thank you’ and/or ‘see you then’ type of response, but the other night I received this instead:

I loved it! So, of course I texted back:

I really enjoyed this signing, they were a super fun couple and he told me he sent the picture so that I would feel comfortable and safe coming into their home!