The Note is one of those “critical documents” I talk about in my “Meet Your Loan Docs” video series. It is the binding contract between you and the lender. It’s your promise to pay the lender back, so… it’s kind of a big deal!

But sometimes after a long day I get complacent during a loan signing and forget to say “just a signature, no date on this document” and this was one of those times…

They were a lovely young couple, buying a condo in the same complex they were currently renting. It was their first purchase and they did not want any glitches. So, when the Note was accidentally dated they wanted to fix it right away.  Since the “copy set” of documents were burned onto a disc, we needed to reprint the signature page of the Note for a new date-less signature.

As it turns out they did not have printing capabilities in their condo, but the complex they lived in had a computer/print center they could use. So after the signing was over, we all walked over to reprint and resign the document. As it turns out the print center was just off the rec room and right by the pool area. On our walk over, these first time homebuyers informed me that I was going to be very impressed with the pool area of this complex. Though I said nothing in return, I highly doubted that would be true. Boy, was I wrong!

As you can see from the picture, this pool has a pretty cool amenity, something I have never seen before.

They told me the story of the wheelchair bound woman whose husband had been bringing her down everyday and manually putting her in the pool. It was so touching that the complex installed these pool lifts.

It is a fantastic story and needless to say, they were right, I was impressed!