A Monday in the life of a Notary Signing Agent, you’re welcome to join me!

8AM: Good morning! I am at the North County Escrow Office packaging up loan documents from an emergency Friday night signing in North Orange County. It would appear a Notary Signing Service had dropped the ball last week and this file has to close today!

So, I made the run up the 5 North Friday night and met with a very nice couple who happened to be fellow bloggers! This signing was very close to the home of The Famous Facebook Ice Cream Taco I had experienced just days before, but that’s another story…

9:30AM: Over to the North Coast Escrow Office packaging up some re-finance documents from a signing the previous Friday afternoon…   They had been a lovely couple with a beautiful modern multi-level home nestled above a lush canyon, overlooking Mission Valley. They told me there was a lot for sale on the same street by the same developer, with plans included. As I left their home, I walked over to that lot, gazed over the city and dreamt…

11AM: I’m driving through the San Marcos In n’ Out grabbing lunch on the run. Yes I am eating in my car and yes I want a lap mat please, thank you! lol

11:35AM: Back at the North County Escrow Office for a noon signing appointment. So glad I got here early because there’s a lender condition on those documents that needed to fund today. Whew, thank God it was an easy compliance for me, I hate to be the one that holds up any deals!

Noon: My signers are here, they turn out to be a fun couple buying a home in North County. They are veterans at the loan signing process and it goes by quickly. We joke about the real estate cycles and it’s “adjustment” periods. We never say “crash” in this industry. Stock markets may crash and dot coms may crash but the real estate market merely “adjusts” itself. 😉

1:15AM:  Oh man, I’m running 15 minutes behind schedule, it’s taken 6 minutes just to get past the guard shack. The back up is all the way out onto the street, but the signers have put me on the list, so I’m in. This is grand custom home and I’m signing a seller packet with a senior couple who are making plans to build a new home back east to be closer to their kids and grandkids. How fun, I’m so happy for them!

3PM: I’m running 30 minutes late to my next appointment, an investment property refinance signing way down in South Bay. I text my late ETA as I get in the car and am grateful for their understanding response.

Oh my, Their entire front yard is torn up, they are re-landscaping and have to dig down deep enough to put in gopher meshing. I didn’t know there was such a thing and make a mental note to tell my husband about it, he gets a little Caddy Shack on gophers! 🙂 The signing was quick, it wasn’t their first rodeo and I’m back on the road!

4:15PM: My phone was literally blowing up with emails and texts during that last signing, so I’m quickly heading back up to the North San Diego Escrow Office to pick up 2 more sets of docs that need be signed tonight. The 1st set is for a couple who are in 2 different locations and the 2nd set is for a couple in East County.

5:10PM: I’ve picked up the docs and now I’m driving into a North County State Beach Campground for the first signing. The wife and her teen daughters are here for a week doing a little beach stay-cation. Their camp site set up is Bo-Ho fun, she lets me take pics for this blog. They do this every summer. It looks like a blast and I don’t even like camping!

6:30PM:  Inland North County, meeting with the husband now to sign the same documents. Poor guy had to stay home and work this week, no beach fun for him. I felt kind of bad because I arrived just as his pizza did and it was getting cold as we signed the loan documents. The house is located right off the golf course with a sparkling pool in the back yard, it is one of those Pinterest perfect homes right down to the green faux finished rustic single barn bathroom door. Perfect!

8PM: I am parked in East County about 2 blocks away from my 8:30 PM signing. Their kid’s bedtime is 8PM and they won’t be available until 8:30PM. So I’m taking this half hour to make all the invoices for the day. I have a great app on my phone that allows me to do my paper work electronically while I’m on the run.

8:30PM: The door is open, no knocking please, they’ve just gotten the kiddos to sleep! Walking up to the door, they recognize me, I had been their Notary Signing Agent when they bought this home in January. I love it! It is so great to share life’s special moments with people. And wow, they have busy making this house a home with lots of improvements and it looks great!

10:15PM: I’m home! I’m going to grab a shower, get something to eat and hit the hay because I have to be at the North Coast Escrow Office at 8AM in the morning with those investment documents, they have to fund tomorrow!

And so will start another day. Thanks for joining me!