It was a colleague calling, wanting to know if I could pinch hit for him. This was an out of state deal, there was a hold up on the loan documents, they wouldn’t be ready until the next day and he was leaving town.

“No worries, I’ll handle it for you tomorrow.” I assured him. I mean, what could go wrong?

I contacted his borrowers, the property was a second home in Georgia for a lovely older couple, it was a deal that was supposed to have closed before they came to visit friends in San Diego.

The documents did come in early the next morning right on schedule, with a minor hiccup, but it was taken care of within an hour, and we were put back on track to sign loan documents.

While signing, we called Georgia for some clarification on a few items, including a notary question. After getting the answers we needed, we proceeded and finished the signing.

The attorney’s office wanted the documents scanned back to them immediately so they could check for errors. With my Tiny Scanner iPhone App I individually scanned and sent in batches roughly 150 pages for approval! The process was daunting, but we got through it and the documents were approved.

As I was finishing up, after I assured the wife we were done and it was ok to leave to meet up with her old book club friends, I realized in all the commotion she had not signed my Notary Book. No worries, on my way to UPS I swung by the restaurant they were at, met her friends and got her signature.

This was my text after getting the message.

It was all good… until I got a message the next day. The borrower was frantic. What was he saying?  Re-sign the documents? A Notary question? But that’s why we called and asked… my thoughts were trailing off.

“I’ll call and find out what’s going on,”  I heard myself saying.

I contacted the law office and yes it seemed through no fault of our own there was a problem.  Although re-signing all of the documents wouldn’t be necessary, they just needed some documentation from me. But, as Murphy’s Law would have it, their internet was down, making communication difficult. So I dusted off my old fax machine and used it, then I made another trip to UPS, overnighted them the original and the loan funded the next day!

Yippee! Now they have their vacation home.

On a deal that was running late to begin with, what’s another a 24 hours, right?